Emerging Management Practices

in a new era

How Your Peers Manage Today

“The manager-employee relationship has become more important than ever - for remote employees, their managers are the primary connection through which they experience their employers.”

– Harvard Business Review –

The Progression of Management


Why Management Practices?

During this time, more research has been done on companies and workers than on managers. And, more articles than research have also been written on managers.

Articles express theories and opinions, far fewer dive into management practices. Over time, everything reveals itself through practice. Practice solves problems, finds workable solutions and answers 'how to' questions. Practice also reveals secrets and uncovers truths.

It's What Managers Do

We looked at management’s response to the pandemic. It tells us a lot about their initial, subsequent and future behaviors.

“What happens happens. What you do about it matters.”

– Top 200 Managers. Source: Burke Research –

Management's Response

Initially: Managers Practiced Avoidance.

Despite chaos and uncertainty during the past 2 1/2 years...

Only 5%

of managers rated their 'Ability to Manage Workers' as difficult.

Subsequently: Managers' Attitudes Have Changed.


of managers attitudes toward in-person interactions have changed. They now believe it's possible to have meaningful interactions remotely.


“I believe remote work will become the norm.”

– Top 200 Managers. Source: Burke Research –

There's No Going Back.

How we work has changed. How we manage work has also changed. New eras reflect our response to change, reset and move forward.


Management Reset

Reset 1: Change in Management's Role

62% of workers continue to work remote; yet, only 20% of managers recognized remote work as an “important change in their role as a manager”

Reset 2: Management Priorities Are Changing

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Performance is not an exclusive priority for managers or workers.

Productivity has become associated with, and now includes, remote work.

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Demand for “wellbeing” is a new management priority.

Everything remote work stands for (i.e., schedule flexibility, location independence, purpose/meaning) becomes a new norm for managers.

Workplace Culture. Managers are “connective tissue”. They activate and cultivate culture.

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What's In The Report?

Here's a breakdown of what to expect from Emerging Management Practices:
- Descriptive data (questions followed by answers) from a group of 200 professional managers.
- Our exploratory analysis and some conclusions based upon the data.

Here are a few, more specific, takeaways:
- Feedback from professionals on important changes in their role as a manager.
- Disparities shown between how work is conducted and the style of management reported.
- Section on remote work and management, including use of remote surveillance technologies.
- Findings on gender differences in management choices.
- An explanation of well being connected to people management.
- An analysis on outdated types of managers.

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