This year we are bringing more clarity and knowledge of work into the discipline of management. The first stop for our 2024 research initiative happens at the Future of Work Expo in Miami. The event takes place February 13-15, 2024. We will be delivering an intercept research poll at this event.


Purpose: Why are you attending the Future of Work conference? For Work / For Personal / Supplier or Exhibiting
Location: Where are you attending the event from?
Position: Are you in a management or non-management role?
Work Policy: What is your company's policy on work arrangements?

Company Work Practices:
Name the most innovative work practice, policy or work activity used by your employer within the past year?

Professional Work Practices:
As a working professional, what resource has personally made you the most productive?
What non-tech has made you more productive?
What tech product has made you more productive?

Data & Results


One gap became apparent after Day 1 of our research. For all of the discussion around generative AI, only 3 of 30, or 10%, of those we surveyed mentioned anything re: AI. Among the attendees we surveyed 68% were managers. Rather than dismissing AI as overhyped, executives and companies should move past the mundane divisiveness of WTH and RTO. Doing so will allow them to invest in higher order work activities among their managers and employees.

Innovative Work Practices
#1 - Remote work flexibility was the most frequently mentioned practice.
24% - Strategies such as time blocking, extended outsourcing, and special events for staff.
21% - AI: Utilization of AI for tasks, Generative AI; and Geospatial Intelligence.

Human Productivity (Non-Tech)
Organizational Tools: Good Management, Networking Events, Flexible Scheduling, Knowledge Database.
Wellbeing: Workout, Diet, Music, Mental Health Awareness & Activities.
Work Environment Enhancers: Outside Workspaces, Visual Mediums incl. White Board.

Work Setting
#1 - A hybrid location of work model was the most commonly recognized. WFH and Office-Based received equal representation.

Main Findings

For a complete analysis of our research, please check back periodically. We will publish aggregate information once our data analytics team has verified and split out the data.


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